Sunday, 26 August 2012

Vintage in the Attic

Kodak Film brownie box no.2
antique books
KJB, bible
map antique suitcase
My English mum's attic is a vintage treasure trove. 

I have only just recently taken on the vintage craze and I suspect it would only cover anything that relates to books, photography and travel. Our clean-up project of our Mum's attic has delivered all of that. 

The best find will be the Brownie Box No. 2, a Kodak film camera that was first introduced in 1902 but was discontinued in 1935. The camera has introduced the concept of snapshot, being accessible at an original cost of $2. They wouldn't sell much as antiques because they have been very popular when they came out but to have one in the family seemed rather romantic. 

I have also found hardbound books with colourful covers that were published more than a century ago; an old Atlas printed when half the world was still under the British empire and a King James Bible (which I found was rather inspiring to read because of the larger text) the sort that you will find in church altars. 

As family treasures, we couldn't take any of them of course. But I managed to bring home an old suitcase I will be filling with stickers of all the places we have been to!


  1. ooh, haven't read your blog in a while.... catching up and this caught my eye... lovely vintage stuff there in the attic! i'm a vintage lover too and those are precious treasure! :)

    1. Thanks for always dropping by! Have you tried out the charity shops in Ireland? I'm sure you'd be pleasantly surprised by all the vintage stuff you can get from books...clothes...bric-a-brac...ahhh, the whole lot!


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