Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Where the Rainbow Ends

"This must be heaven, this is where the rainbow ends. " ~ A Wise Man
Today hasn't been the best of days. I went to see the GP complaining about stomach pains (someone has been  sticking needles to my voodoo doll, my sister said) that keeps me awake in the early hours in the morning. I've also been coughing some gooey substance that doesn't look so nice at all. Then when I went to the pharmacist this morning, they couldn't dispense the medicine because of some IT malfunction so I was told to come back later in the day. 

But I was working from home and I was loathe to leave the workstation unmanned so I asked my husband to pick them up. Minutes later, rain poured heavily amidst a bright sunny sky so I was naturally worried that he had been caught on it. 

Then the rain stopped and I heard him shouting from downstairs "Olivee look out the front window!" 

And there it was, the spectacle of a rainbow just in front of the house. He rushed back to share with me that magical moment before it fades away and it has made my day look so much brighter.  

It's always nice to be reminded that I have found my heaven on earth, right where the rainbow ends. 

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