Sunday, 6 July 2014

Middlewood Becomes Middle Class

vintage caravan
The suburbs of Hillsborough in Sheffield where we live is traditionally working class. But in the recent years, its face has been slowly metamorphosing, attracting diversity amongst its residents who are drawn here by everything it has to offer: a public park, decent schools, a shopping area, great entertainment and leisure centres, reliable transport links, easy access to the country side and most importantly (for my family at least), the Sheffield Wednesday grounds. This weekend, there was something else on offer: Middlewood Market Party which attracted the middle classes like bees are to pollen.

That is not politically correct of course, the semantics of class in Britain are contradictory and confusing.  But unlike in the United States, social status here has been historically linked less directly to the amount of money we have in the bank and the colour of the collar we wear we but on the diversity of people we socialise with and the types of activities we enjoy during the weekends.

The market party was held on Saturday, the day before Tour de France visits Sheffield and was organised by the local traders to bring party atmosphere on the streets of Hillsborough by celebrating the people, talent and community spirit of our area. Participating shops were marked with Yellow helium balloons. Inside the park, stalls have been set-up showcasing local talent, offering workshops, demonstrations and activities whilst raising money for the locally-based charity 'The Burton Street Foundation'. Children were not in want of activities to choose from, with arts and crafts, face painting, bike decorations and a treasure hunt amongst others. The Burmese community entertained us with their traditional dance. And of course, there are the favourite homemade cakes with a pot of tea, this we enjoyed in a vintage caravan under a shade of trees.

So for one day at least, we felt like we were in S10!
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