Thursday, 9 November 2017

Another Autumn Photo Walk

Lazy weekend mornings when the sky is blue and the sun is out but Daddy is off to flex some muscles at the gym only means two things to Isaac - either he will be dragged inside the numerous charity shops in Hillsborough or be forced to say cheese in the guise of a photo walk around the park.

Why his mother thinks these are fun activities for an active four-year-old is beyond him but he goes along anyway. Besides, photo walks are more enjoyable these days. Thanks to the latest parcel his generous Tita Bree sent him via the ever-reliable but tax dodging Amazon, he gets to take photos with a 2 mega pixel KidiZoom camera that takes decent photos when the natural light is right. Better still, his Mummy lets him take her photos using her 50mm lens which makes him feel like a little pro!

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And for Tita Bree who wants to see what his camera photos look like, he's not doing so badly I should say.

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