Sunday, 14 October 2012

Unexpected Treasures

When John came home on Thursday evening, I had a guilty look on my face. Before I could even explain, his gaze fell into the object sitting on the dining room table and he laughed. 

"If I was the one who found it, I would have bought it for you too," he said. He knows me too well to understand that there are temptations I couldn't resist. 

I was on my way to an early morning appointment with the dentist when I happened to pass a charity shop in Middlewood Road which specialises on vintage items. I went in and voila! The most beautiful object of my fancy happened to be on display: an old treasure chest in amazing condition there was no way I could have left without it! 

It's always fascinating what one can find in charity shops, how one person's scrap is another's treasure. This is the beauty of upcycling and it is rather popular in the Western world. 

The danger of course is that one could get carried away. A recent example was my shopping spree on Saturday morning where I discovered some lovely fabrics, threads and buttons which prompted my soon-to-be next hobby: sewing (which means that baking has now become an old subject). For a tenth of their original price, I was very tempted to buy them all. I stopped short just in time, thanks to financial constraints and space issues. It was rather difficult but there is of course that comforting thought that there will be another day for shopping. 

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