Sunday, 11 May 2014

Angels of Cuisine: Our New Favourite Tea Room in Hillsborough

The opening of Angels of Cuisine, a Polish piekarnia (bakery) and cukierna (cake shop) in Hillsborough has become the latest reflection of the dynamic multiculturalism that exists in our community. Walk past the shop and you would be lured by the fresh smell of newly-baked bread displayed in woven baskets and the rows of appetising cakes by the window that are sure to whet your appetite. Come in and you would be greeted by their friendly staff whose demeanour is unmistakably Yorkshire, keen to talk about the weather and happy to explain the difference between a rye and a wholemeal bread. Take a seat in their newly opened cafe and you would feel like a visitor invited in for a cup of tea in a friend's elegant sitting room. 

We came in one sunny Saturday morning before we did our weekly shop and decided to treat ourselves to a cup of coffee, our favourite luxury. The decorations were tasteful, even romantic, so different from the modern and functional look that most cafes have embraced to fit in as much sitting room as possible.  The latte is the cheapest amongst the tearooms in the area and it was also good, my husband, a trained barista would know. The cake was definitely sumptuous, it had also been highly recommended by some of my mummy friends who have tried them. For two cups of coffee and two cakes, plus a rye and walnut bread to take away, we were pleased to be handed a bill of less than £10. It was definitely a treat!

So if you ever pass by Hillsborough and fancy a cup of coffee, give this lovely tearoom a try, you would surely be back!

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