Sunday, 8 May 2016

Home Never Leaves You

The waters of the Atlantic is still freezing cold but the call of the crashing waves is too impossible for a two-year-old to resist. Isaac ran towards the sea, stopping short at the shore and waited for the forming bubbles to kiss his tiny legs. Occasionally, when the waves are too towering it looks like they would swallow him, he would ran back towards me but once his fears subside, he would always hurry back towards the excitement that the endless sea provides.

There was a time when he needed me beside him as we chased after the waves but nowadays, he rushes towards it like reuniting with a dear old friend. If he is anything like his mother, once he leaves home, there would be no turning back. No news for a few weeks and the only way to find out what he is up to is by scouring for scant information from social media sites. The infrequent calls would bring tears of relief, his stories with fascination and pride. His visits will be few and far in between but like a prodigal son, would be welcomed with a fattened calf.

But wherever life takes him, he will not be far away from home, that collection of happy memories that will remind him how much he is loved. Of the hands that held him but never held him back. Because home never leaves you, you take it with you wherever you go. 

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