Monday, 4 June 2018

What a Boy Wants

Among the many perks of living right next to a public park in summer is the easy access to cheap and often free entertainment on a weekend with a playground all year round, a lake to feed the ducks and an endless parade of travelling amusement parks that come every year, rain or shine. 

It has been a week of school term break for Isaac and he has just came back from a holiday in Spain but the lure of bright colourful rides at the bottom of the park wouldn't keep him at home. So off we went and after hooking a duck, getting on three amusement rides and losing on the darts, we queued for an ice cream cone where a nice lady gave us ten pence for the flake on top.

A little bit of fun. An ice cream cone to top it up. And plenty of cuddles in between. That's all a little boy wants.

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