Sunday, 23 September 2012

Our B&B in Whitby

Booking holidays is not one of my many talents, I leave all that to my husband whose patience extends to reading countless hotel reviews to find us a place to spend the night. I have always thought it was just a matter of searching for the most affordable accommodation. Why should I bother about the hotel when it would be the last place where I would want to spend my waking hours. 

Our B&B experiences all over Britain have changed all that. There is something more romantic about staying in a traditional guest house than in a bland hotel room. 

When we went to Whitby, we stayed in a converted Victorian villa along the main road that leads into and out of the town. We were lucky to have booked eight months in advance as signs outside the houses posted 'No Vacancies' which is well expected during the warmer weekends. 

Our bedroom was on the first floor so we didn't have much of a view (though it was promised in our booking that we would have, an oversight I suppose). But it did have very inspiring pieces of furniture and decorations that creates a nostalgic atmosphere about the place. 

The breakfast room was my personal favourite, it was like stepping into a museum of 60s and 70s music complete with instruments and wall decorations made of album covers. The cup placemat was a rubber CD! 

As expected, the service was also very personal, with the owners engaging in pleasantries and sometimes more meaningful conversations. It felt like being inside an Agatha Christie novel, listening to the other guests discuss about their plans for the day and deducing where they come from just by their accents and their conversations. 

Staying in a B&B is very different from spending a night in a hotel. It is more than an accommodation, it is an experience. 

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