Thursday, 6 March 2014

Happy World Book Day!

It's never too early to foster love of books on little children. My mother said she started reading to me when I was still in her tummy and it definitely was one of the best gifts she has given me. 

When he was four months old, Isaac received his own library card at Hillsborough Children's Library along with a free Bookstart pack which contains two board books for us to enjoy.  Since then, our weekly trip to the library to borrow new books is something we both look forward to. It's always delightful to spend our afternoon playtime in the company of books with the colourful photos to look at and nursery rhymes to sing and act out. And at nighttime, his daddy also gets to read him his favourite book before putting him to bed. 

We're hoping that this early love for flipping pages would help enrich his imagination and make him want to explore more. 

happy world book day
children's librarychildren's booksworld book day


  1. Lovely to see him with books!

    1. John's favourite is the Baby Bright one you gave us! It's his nighttime reading :D


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