Sunday, 9 March 2014

Winter's Gone

Spring has finally arrived in our part of the world, signs are everywhere. Weather forecasts for this weekend reported double digit temperatures. In Hillsborough Park, daffodils by the side of the road, planted by school children a couple of years back, have started to make their annual appearance. My husband who suffers from a severe case of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is back in his high spirits, which could only be a good thing. 

But I am a bit disappointed. No, I am no fan of winter but I love the magical touch of the first snowfall and the muted silence that envelops the landscape covered in endless white. There is something eerily beautiful about it, as though time has stood still. 

So I was hoping to have experienced at least a few inches of snow this year enough to take the sledge out of the house and take my seven month old baby on a ride. Alas, it now seem unlikely to happen. Although this being Britain, who knows. As late as April last year, snow has decided to fall and we were able to take these photos in the park. 

Sheffield Hillsborough ParkHillsborough Park SheffieldSheffield seasonsSheffieldSheffield S6

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