Saturday, 30 March 2013

Home No. 5: Project Bedroom

Over the past few weeks, I have been obsessing over home designs and scouring the internet for inspiration. I can't believe the wealth of information that is now available online for interior decorator wannabes like me: Pinterest, IKEA and Easy Living to name but a few. 

When we moved in to our new home, we were confronted with a blank canvas. We had to buy all the fittings and decorate it as we wanted. This being the fifth house move we've made during the last three years, we have become wiser when it came to buying furniture which meant no more trips to Ikea to buy flat pack furniture that would not last. Instead, for our bedroom we invested in a solid oak chest of drawers from Swag, a discount furniture shop in Sheffield we have discovered from our previous landlord.  We inherited a 20-year-old solid pine set of wardrobes from Dad's cellar and kept our sensible metal Ikea bed frame and bedside tables. 

Once the essentials are down, it was a joy to shop around for furnishings. If I didn't have a sensible husband who kept reminding me about storage issues, I would have bought everything I fancied from all the shops we've visited. He did allow me to pick some ornaments for my dressing table like the vintage glass perfume bottles and jewellery box from Dunelm Mill. The curtains were from Home Bargains, previously bought on our 3rd house move and the nearly matching bedsheets are from Wilkinsons in Hillsborough shopping centre. 

My creative contributions are the styro letters I have picked up from a Pinterest post using up cycled materials from the furniture delivery boxes and painted over with black acrylic paint. The accessories board is a poor version of an Ikea mood board inspiration but it's still a useful one. 

Our bedroom may be smaller than our previous one but it's definitely comfortable and homely!

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home inspiration

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