Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Cupcake for Easter

The Easter celebrations is not an excuse for making an Easter-themed cake but I was hoping that my indulgence will not be unforgivable, after all, any useful pursuit of talent could be a form of worship. So this Saturday, I made some cupcakes and because we incidentally have some chocolate mini eggs in the pantry and some Weetabix breakfast cereals, decorated them into Easter nests!

The recipe is from my reliable cupcake book by Ann Nicol I bought from the now closed The Works discount bookshop at the Sheffield Moor. It is made of a basic chocolate cupcake similar to these Cadbury cupcakes topped with basic buttercream frosting. The egg nest is made as follows: 

50g wheat cereal
125g milk chocolate, broken into pieces
25g unsalted butter
chocolate mini eggs

1. Place the chocolate with the butter on a mixing bowl over a simmering pan of water until melted. 
2. Stir the wheat cereal and let cool slightly. Line a plate with cling film. 
3. Mould the mixture into tiny nest shapes using your fingers, then rest them on the lined plate. 
4. Freeze the nests for a few minutes until hardened. 
5. Set the nests on top of each cupcake that's already covered with buttercream frosting. 
6. Fill with mini eggs. 

Easter inspiration
Easter cupcakes
Easter inspiration
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