Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Home No. 5: Project Kitchen

Our quaint little kitchen is one of the charming features of our new home with the mediterranean blue cupboards that gives it a cottage feel. The only problem was space, at least for someone whose latest obsession involved plenty of activities in the kitchen. But small spaces meant a lot of opportunities for creativity and there is a wealth of inspiration from the internet, my personal favourite being the Easy Living website. 

So with a few trips to my favourite shops, we managed to fit our ever-increasing collection of kitchenwares in this small space. It meant getting vintage-looking storage jars and bric-a-bracs from the charity shops at the bottom of our road, buying breakfast cereal containers from Wilkinsons and putting up IKEA shelves for the pots and pans. To solve the problem of not having enough shelves, we bought an Argos solid pine shelf and turned it into a pantry with the same look as the rest of the kitchen cupboards.   

The result was a very homely kitchen of our liking with still some space for my new favourite pastime of baking!

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