Wednesday, 2 October 2013

DIY Baby Toys

DIY baby toys
Some childhood images become engraved in the mind like photographs. My most vivid memory of a baby toy is that of my younger brother's bright red rattle that he was never without from amongst his baby photos. It was a possession so loved with astonishing intensity in spite its simplicity that years later I decided to find one for my own little boy and was disappointed to discover that they do not make them as simple or as cheap in the UK. In fact, they don't make any of them cheap here at all. 

In frustration, I started typing DIY toys in the internet and found a wealth of DIY projects using leftover fabrics and other materials readily available at home. Then by investing in a John Lewis sewing machine which only cost £35 and does the job, my mum (NOT ME!) made these lovely toys that her grandchild can play with and cherish. 

DIY toys


  1. Mam Nel's hands work like magic. Back in elementary years of my children in DWCES, while I gaze at the class projects and decorations supervised by Maam Nel, I'm amazed by her artistry and originality in transforming papers, and ordinary materials into beautiful, meaningful works of art. This time her apo is the lucky recipient of his lola's labor of love. :) <3

    1. oh, thank you, ATE MELA... It's heartwarming to know that someone notices and appreciates the little things I do. GODBLESS


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