Friday, 11 October 2013

Of Autumn, Science and Religion

Autumn is always a magical time of the year, when the lush green landscape is transformed into a cornucopia of colours, like an artist's palette, splashed randomly in joyful grace. It is mesmerising to watch the wilting leaves wait for the whistling wind that would slowly blow them away, like swirling dervishes on their last dance, as they fall softly to the brightly carpeted ground. This enchanting handiwork of a loving God has been studied and explained by Science but that liberating discovery has not made it any less magical and soul-enriching. 

Much like the creation of the tiny bundle of joy that I now hold in my arms - once a tiny little seed in my womb transformed into a beautiful new life which holds so much promise for the future. This little child would be encouraged to develop the curiosity that would lead him to follow the footsteps of his most famous namesake. And yet he will also be guided so that one day he will be able to make his own decision to get to know and embrace his Creator. His will be a home where science and religion need not collide.

baby photo shoot
autumn baby photo shoot

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