Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Monday Morning Baby Rush

sheffield baby massage
Monday morning has once again found us rushing off from our house on top of the hill to the park at the bottom of our road to make it just in time for the Baby Massage class held at our local children's library.

It's amazing how a 9:30am start of the day can feel too early when you have a young baby in the house, especially after enduring another long and restless night. But meeting up with other mothers is a good enough reason to get out of the house, moan about our night shifts and compare notes about our baby's milestones. 

This four-week class is one of the perks of having a National Health Service, it is paid for by the taxpayers and run by a breastfeeding support worker. It has come very well recommended and the waiting list is long, I've been on it since September and has only been offered a place in December. But it's all worth it, with numerous benefits for both mother and baby including relief from wind, colic and constipation as well as relaxation but most importantly, it's an opportunity to bond with your child. Plus a chance to socialise and get to know other mums in the community too. 

There are seven other mothers pushing their prams to get to class on Monday morning and occasionally dads have dropped in too. I have just started to remember their names but I definitely know what their babies are called, its amazing how quickly you can pick up on those details. After the 30 minute session, we would have tea and coffee with sweets and share experiences, ask about other classes being run in the community and just relax. 

When you have a four-month-old baby screaming the house down during the day, any excuse to go out is a welcome one.

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