Saturday, 14 October 2017

A Very English Weekend

It was a sunny Saturday in the north of England and with an exciting tropical storm making its way to Britain, the temperature was mild enough to shed off an extra layer of clothing. But one doesn't need warm weather to hit the Peak District National Park, especially when it's right next to your doorstep.

Our destination was the Monsal Trail, a cycle path which follows a stretch of railway line which used to be a part of the Midland Railway's route between Manchester and London. It is a very popular track amongst walkers, cyclists, horse riders and even prams who get to enjoy breathtaking views of some of the most picturesque villages in the dales.

There are different ways to get there but we stopped for breakfast at the cafe inside Hassop Station, where you can also find books and souvenirs and hire bicyles.

With a full stomach, we started took on the trail and exchanged happy smiles with other families we met along the way. Isaac, 'the little boy without stabilizers' became quite famous along the route especially when he drew attention by shouting "Full steam ahead!" and "Express coming through" to let everyone know he's on their way.

We didn't finish the trail, there's only too much pedalling a four-year-old ("I'm pretending to be 5 Mummy!")  can endure so before we reached the next station, we turned back and after over an hour of exercise we took out our sandwiches and fruits in a picnic bench next to the station.

And on our way home we made a detour to Ashford-in-the-Water, one of the beautiful villages along the trail.

We have set off just before ten o'clock in the morning and we were heading back home by 2:30pm. It doesn't take much to have a perfect weekend in our part of the world. 

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