Saturday, 21 October 2017

'Tis the Time to Pick the Pumpkin

The sun wasn't going to come out today. The sky was an unbroken layer of white and grey. The weatherman forecasted rain. But this is England and the gloomy weather wouldn't keep happy families from the great outdoors, not when it is the all important weekend for picking up the Halloween pumpkin.

This year, instead of the local Tesco, we went to Cannon Hall Farm's Pumpkin Festival in Barnsley. You don't exactly pick your pumpkins from the patch but there's plenty to pick from the ground and the Gruffalo Child had a grand time wheeling his wheelbarrow in search for the perfect one.

Our pumpkin was carved by professional carvers and once again we opted for the conventional one while admiring the more creative ones.

We stopped lunch at the farm restaurant and a lovely grandma came by our table to compliment the little boy's table manners.

We also went around the farm, watching a ferret race and saying hello to the little friends we met along the way. And then we walked through the Witche's Wood for a little bit of thrill and chills.

By the time we set off for home the little droplets of rain have started to fall but we made it back to the car only slightly wet. And the little boy will have another day to add in his chest of happy childhood memories.

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